Thursday, June 18, 2009

Old but not Out of Life

Dear Abbie:
I am a 50+ year old man and still want to get laid by younger girls, not old ladies. But I have gotten too old for the bar and club scene.

Church groups -- fuggedaboudit -- old dried up religious cranks desperately looking for "relationships". They could be bad relationships, troubled relationships, sexless relationships, as long as it's a relationship. None of that is for me

Activist groups -- fuggedaboudit -- politically correct ball-busters and fem-fags (lesbians).

Any ideas? -- HornyOldGoat.

Dear Horny:
You're in luck - a new eBook has just became available that tells how to use Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) aka Network Marketing to get laid. You may not make much, if any, money, but what you're looking for is in abundance. The book tells about the psychology of women, and especially of women in MLM, and how to take advantage of that.

Update: Sorry, that book is no longer available -- Abbie

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