Monday, June 22, 2009

If a Simple Valentine's Day Card Isn't Enough...

Dear Abbie:
My girl-friend keeps making not-so-subtle hints that she is expecting more (probably much more) than a card for Valentine's day. When out on the promenade, she has to stop in front of every jewelry window, squealing "isn't that cuuute!" and all that. She is my girl-friend, but not THAT much of a girl-friend. Do I bite the bullet and get the bling or what? -- Pressured.

Dear Pressured:
If a simple Valentine's Day card isn't enough, DTB (Dump that Beeatch). There's plenty more money-grubbing poon around. If you should have a girl-friend at all, you should be changing them at least once a year, anyway. Now sounds like a good time.

The DeBeers diamond cartel and Hallmark Cards have really done a job in escalating the expectations of females. Even if they are in troubled relationships, even bad relationships, they think that getting the bling will save relationship. Or will make up for being in bad relationships. But you can always say "No." After all, the feminists like to remind men that "No, means no", don't they?

But if you half-way want to keep hanging with her, get her some crotchless panties and see what her reaction is.

Hope this helps. ;>)

BTW, why not get YOURSELF some bling instead? Like a wristwatch that indicates (rightly or wrongly) that you are making a lot of money. That can be a panty-wetter for prospective new girlfriends. Doesn't mean you have to spend a lot on THEM, though. Spend it on yourself; get yourself a luxury wristwatch. Luxury Fine Wristwatches

-- Abbie

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