Friday, June 12, 2009

Abortion - Good for Her

Dear Abbie:
Our 17 year old daughter had an abortion without consulting with us. How could she do that without consulting with us? Why? -- Devastated.

Dear Devastated:
Good for her! The reason she had the abortion without consulting you is that she knew that you would be devastated. That you probably would try to prevent it. I would guess that you are religious wackos. She made a mistake (in getting pregnant -- not in having the abortion), but it looks like she has more sense than you do.

Sex is a natural function, even for teenagers. If parents were not so screwed up themselves about sex, they would not have the bad relationships -- troubled relationships -- with their children about sex.

Religion is for the mentally weak and superstitious. Yes, that means I am talking about at least 80% of the world. There is nothing wrong with abortion. It is idiots like you that want to see more unwanted babies brought into the world to become future gang-bangers, car jackers and drug addicts.

If you want to save relationship with your daughter, you have to support her decision and get over your "devastation". -- Abbie

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