Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Safe Dating Guidelines for Women Dating Online

On the web you are able now discover, pick and arrange loads of enjoyable and exciting dates. You have lots of of options to facilitate the procedure, such as instant messaging, online dating forums, social network sites, and dating web sites. The preliminaries can be handled by way of the different web sites or more directly by e-mail.

The procedure can at times be slow and time consuming. But the preliminaries can be done whenever you have the time, at whatever time you prefer. There are no assurances for locating "the one" and "living happily ever after", but because of its potential rewards internet dating has emerged as one of the quickest and most accepted ways to discover a date!

You will be nervous and excited when you are going to meet someone new face-to-face initially, who you met on the internet. But bear in mind to be observant, as online chats, emails, texting, etc., are not the same as encountering someone at work, in a club, or at a social activity. You've hopefully cut through a lot of the b.s. with the internet, but you still need to form a face-to-face assessment. Following are eight tips to make sure of a positive and secure first meet experience.

Eight Guidelines to Have an Enjoyable and Safe "First-Meet" in Real-Life with an online Date

1. Choose a reliable singles or dating website

Check out the web site thoroughly. Look at their confidentiality, financial security, fees and contract, if any, terms. Use a search engine to research what others think of the service. Search on both their URL and the company name, in quotes. Ignore the first several pages of search engine results. You are looking for what actual people say about the service, not what affiliates and shills think. You will find the sincere stuff several pages down. Keep in mind, that as with anything, you will see more negatives than favorable reviews, because those with negative experiences are more prone to find fault. So look to see if any disapproving remarks appear levelheaded, or are they just from losers (men) who are penniless, or (gals) who are overweight, unattractive, with a litter of monster kids at home.

2. Give your date your cellphone number for a contact number

Provide your date with your cell-phone telephone number instead of your home or work telephone number. That will greatly reduce problems if the date doesn't go well.

3. Meet in a public place.

Don't have your date pick you up at your apartment or home. Acceptable locations for rendezvousing on a first date include coffee shops, coffee bars, and restaurants. Those places are easy to meet at and there are other people around.

4. Let somebody else about your date itinerary.

Always disclose your first date itinerary with a family member or close friend.

5. Provide your own transportation.

Arrive at your date location with your own car, or by taxi, and be prepared to leave in the same way. Have enough gasoline in your car's gas tank or enough money for taxi fare in addition to your other possible expenses for the date, which leads to the next point...

6. Offer to go dutch treat.

Pay half of the tab. Regardless of it is just a a drink or two, a coffee and pastry, or a dinner, be ready to pay your portion. In that way, you will not be "obligated" to your date.

7. Set a limit for your drinking.

Remember that too much drinking will affect your judgment. So limit your drinking to a couple of drinks or one or two glasses of wine. Maybe an even better plan is to pass on alcohol completely, on your first date.

8. Listen to your intuition

If you feel uneasy at the beginning of the date after you first meet, you may as well call it off and leave. And, assuming you do hit it off, bear in mind to continue to be observant.