Saturday, June 20, 2009

Deadbeat Dads -- Boo Hoo!

Dear Abbie:
I have a 2-year old that I need child support for. And the guy that I think got me pregnant has skipped. I really need some child support money. The county isn't really doing much for me. -- Desperate Single Mom.

Dear Desperate:
You're not going to get any help here. You blew it, and I have NO sympathy for you and your future car-jacker or crack whore spawn. Now, there is nothing the matter with unmarried sex; that isn't the point here. The point is, you bimbos should NOT be having sex unless:

1) You are willing to have an abortion should you get an unwanted pregnancy, and/or

2) You can afford a kid -- by yourself. Chances are, the guy didn't really want it, so if YOU have it, YOU pay for it.

I'm tired of you bimbos dropping litters of spawn with no more forethought than cats, rats, and dogs, then expecting everyone else to cater to you because you are a MOTHER (sob, sniffle). Puke. You have it, it's YOUR resposibility, no one else's.

And in your case, you're not even sure who the father is. Sheesh.

-- Abbie

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